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Our Essence

the zone is the space where happiness and high performance co-exist.

We believe in making organisations more human and for this to happen we should not have to trade one for the other.

Since 1998 our Human Dynamic Model has been inspiring people all over the world to synchronise happiness and high performance in work and life.

When our being and our doing are in alignment we experience the zone. We are fully present, engaged, in flow and peak performance is effortless.

In the zone people, teams and organisations discover and harness collective intelligence, and their ability to collaborate, innovate and deliver outstanding results is optimised.

Join us on the journey to the zone.

Our Experience

The Zone was born in New Zealand, assembled and refined over 20 years across 40 countries, 34 industries, in 100+ companies.

We have empowered over 100,000 people to integrate their head and their heart, unlock their whole person and unleash the collective intelligence of their organisations and teams.

Now a global team we have associates across Europe, Americas, and Australasia and love to spend time together in the zone.

This truly global reach has seen us deliver projects in an ever growing list of diverse locations, always to the very high standards our clients have come to expect.

Some of our happiest times and amazing learnings have occurred when we have all come together to deliver amazing results for our clients.

The Zone story is one of passion, growth and evolution..

Our Team

We are a dynamic global team who believe in our purpose: to make the world of work more human.

We love our work, love our team and love the clients we work with.

Each one of us is on our own personal journey to be better and therefore do better every day. We are smarter together, stronger together and… we definitely have more fun together.

Let’s work better... together!

Our diverse global team can help you reimagine the future of your teams, leaders and organisation.
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