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(Re)design Your Future



(Re)design Your Future

Achieve greater direction, happiness, and success
in business and in your life.

Do you ever wake up feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or stuck?
Or feeling like your life just got too complicated, too serious, and not really knowing how to change it? Are you facing challenging life decisions, and wondering where to next?



Imagine feeling like this for the next 10, 20, 30 years... that really the life you want?



 Imagine being crystal clear on your direction and vision.

 Imagine being able to live fully, and make a positive impact in the lives of the people you love, and the communities you serve.

Reboot guides and empowers you to understand the key elements of life, business and relationship success.

 (Re)design Your Future 

Reboot is a 6-week immersive experience with online training videos, practical assignments, and live group experiential sessions facilitated by The Zone team that will guide you to create your new compelling future 

We share our collective wisdom, unique methodology, and practical strategies to help you redesign your future and move towards living a joyful and conscious life

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 You will get clarity on..


WHERE am I going?
The compelling future you want to create. 


WHY am I here?
Your impact on the world around you.


HOW do I want to live my life?
What is really important to you.


WHAT do I need to do to achieve my vision?
A practical action plan.

Who am I,  what do I stand for, what legacy will I leave?


Your personal life plan on a page.

 Your North Star! 

 What other participants are saying: 

“I gained so much clarity from Reboot... and clarity that I did not even know that I needed! Very powerful.”


“Fantastic programme! Amazing facilitators, fully engaged, passionate, and committed to changing participants lives for the better!”

K. F. 

“If you think you need to know some more to become the successful business leader / partner / parent / friend, Reboot is the only tool you might need!”

 Here’s what you’ll get when you join the Reboot program: 

 training videos:

(30-40 minutes)

Each week you will have new self-paced online training videos with premium content created by Liam Forde, Founder & CEO of The Zone, to precede the live sessions.


(30-60 minutes)

In line with each training video you will be given a practical assignment to complete before each live session, so that you get the maximum benefit.

 Weekly facilitated 
 live sessions:

(90 minutes)

Each week you will join The Zone team for an experiential live session. We will break out into smaller cohorts for deep discussions. Your cohort and Zone Coach will be your companions, allies, coaches, and supporters in your Reboot journey.

 4 peer coaching 

(60 minutes each)

You will learn how to coach and be coached by your cohort buddy on specific assignments. You don’t have to go through this journey alone.

 1 personalised coaching session: 

(30 minutes)

A personalised coaching session with your Zone Coach in week 5 or 6 of the program to help you to go even deeper on any of the elements of your Reboot journey.

 to support:

Your Zone Coach will be supporting you throughout the program.

 A comprehensive 
 70 page workbook:

A practical guide to all the exercises so that you can keep all of your notes safe in one place.

To ensure the best learning experience and full support for you we never have more than 6 participants per Zone coach. To avoid disappointment and run the risk of you not getting on this current intake, apply TODAY.

Upcoming Programs


COHORT 1: Program Opens: January 3rd

Live Sessions: Wednesdays at 11.30am-1.00pm ET, from January 10th to February 14th 2024


COHORT 2: Program Opens: February 13th

Live Sessions: Tuesdays at 11.00am-12.30pm ET, from February 20th to March 26th 2024


 6-week immersive experience

 4 hours of online videos with practical assignments

 9 hours of live group coaching led by The Zone team

 4 hours of peer coaching with your Reboot ‘buddy’

 30 min of coaching with your Zone Coach

 Your own comprehensive program workbook

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 Ready to join us? 


To join Reboot, just click one of the apply buttons to answer a few simple questions and book an obligation free 20 minute informal chat with one of our Zone Coaches. On our call together we will discuss:

+ The challenges you are currently facing
+ Your goals and dreams for the future
+ How this program will help you
+ What results you can expect
+ Any questions you might have
+ Next steps

Please note, this program is not for everyone. 

If we don’t believe Reboot is a good fit for you, we will let you know (always kindly) during your enrolment call.

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 Want to attend, but can't make the current dates? 

Join our waitlist! 

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We know our program works for people who are fully committed and engaged in the Reboot process.
We are so confident that we offer a ‘cast iron’ money back guarantee. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the content and the support, talk to us at the end of the program and return the workbook, and we’ll fully refund you the money you paid.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

“I came into this enthusiastically, but, if I'm honest, a little skeptical. I didn't know if I would ever find the clarity I've been after and I very much doubted anyone could help me either. Just having a dedicated time and structure to work through a period of self-reflection and evaluation, under clear and impassioned leadership, quickly dispelled any concerns. I quickly embraced and immersed myself into the experience and came out more refreshed, energised and clear about the steps I need to take to effect real change in my life, my business, and my family and friends. I feel confident I can take a giant leap forward to a more productive, joyful and rewarding future. Highly recommended.”


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